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Contributing to GBFS

GBFS is an open source project developed under a consensus-based governance model. Contributors come from across the shared mobility industry, public sector, civic technology and elsewhere. Anyone can propose a change to the specification by opening a pull request on the GBFS GitHub repository.

All change proposals are subject to the GBFS governance process.

  • The proposal must remain open for a period of time to allow the committee to give feedback and iterate on the proposed change.
  • Once a consensus is reached, the change goes to a vote.
  • At least 3 votes in favor, and none opposed, are required for the change to be adopted. One vote must be from a data producer and one from a data consumer. The party proposing the change is not eligible to vote.
  • When a vote passes, the change becomes part of a Release Candidate.
  • Once both a data producer and a date consumer have implemented the change, the Release Candidate becomes an official version release.

See the Governance Process

Get Involved

This road map has been developed based on feedback we have received from the GBFS community and shared mobility industry. If there are features or changes that you think should be part of this roadmap we'd like to hear about them. GBFS is an open project and we value your input. If you would like to contribute to the project please use the Submit idea button or get in touch with us at to coordinate contribution.

Comments and Questions

Comments or questions can be addressed to the community by opening an issue on the project GitHub repository. Proposals for changes or additions to the specification can be made through GitHub pull requests.

Questions can also be addressed to the community via the public GBFS Slack channel or to the shared mobility staff at MobilityData:

Contributing to this site

To propose changes or additions to this site, open an issue on the repository.

Alternatively, you can provide feedback on this site by using the form below.


About MobilityData

This site is maintained by MobilityData, a Canadian non-profit that aims to broaden adoption and increase the functionality of the GTFS & GBFS data formats.

MobilityData accelerates the development and adoption of mobility specifications by providing technical know-how and tools. We also create new specifications, host training, and develop working groups in response to the mobility industry’s needs.

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